Friday, July 8, 2016

What Tesla's Battery Development Really Is All About

It is more than clear that the technological advances have been overwhelming in the past years. Just compare mobile phones today with their counterparts from just a couple of years ago. The differences are more than obvious. Modern iPhones, iPads as well as Android smartphones and tablets allow their owners to engage in a vast range of activities, some of which weren’t even conceivable in the past. For example, it is completely possible to download a casino app and play real money casino games on your iPhone or iPad. You are more than free to download the latest iPad casinos and see which one you will like the most. Speaking of technology and technological advances, Tesla is probably the hottest name in the game today. Most of you have probably heard about their latest battery tech investment and here is what it is all about.

Tesla’s CEO Believes Batteries Are the Future
As you’re probably aware, Tesla Motors is a popular American company that was founded 13 years ago, yet is one of the leading companies on the market today and many see it as the Company when it comes to electric cars, electric motors and batteries. It has been announced that Tesla invests, together with its partners, a staggering amount of $5 billion in a battery plant known as the Gigafactory.

Tesla is where it is today mostly because of innovation and the open-mindedness of the company and its CEO and the readiness to look in the future and think in new and radical terms. Basically, that is pretty much the key to every technological success and advancement. The new factory is believed to be able to produce as much as half a million batteries annually by the end of this decade.
People at Tesla are more than convinced that battery technology is the future. That is pretty revolutionary itself, knowing that batteries, in various shapes and sizes, made from all sorts of different materials have been around for quite a while now, yet nobody believed that they are the future. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, though is ready to risk it. He claimed that he and his company have a great understanding when it comes to batteries and battery technologies.

Tesla Oversees Numerous Battery Development Projects
Musk admitted that Tesla currently keeps track of about 60 different battery developers from all over the word. Tesla rates these projects on a scale from one to five and then they know which ideas are worth the time effort and resources and which have no future. The interesting part is that even battery developers who would like to keep their ideas away from the public eye still turn to Tesla, because they know that the company will certain want to use their invention if it is any good.

Ultimately Tesla’s aim with the Gigafactory and all their focus on battery development is to make their vehicles cheaper and more accessible. Once electric vehicles become affordable in terms of price it is just a matter of time before they push gasoline-fuelled cars off the market. And since Tesla is the biggest producer of electric cars in the world it is clear that this will be an obvious benefit for the company, but also for the rest of the world, as electronic cars are much better for the environment.


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