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Facetime Apk - Facetime Download For Android


Facetime For Android

Facetime app for android that is facetime app has became more and more popular now a days, every one has strucked to this application because of its elegant features. Facetime for android app is having the video calling facility with excellent clarity than the skype and viber apps, it also consumes lesser data of net that's it facetime android app is becoming more popular than other apps. Actually the facetime free download was developed by the apple only for the ios users, but because of its popularity now you can download facetime for any smartphones and also pc's.


Features of Android Facetime

Invite unlimited friends.
Free video calling from android.
Good video clarity.
Call history can be checked.
Lesser data charges.
Easy to use.

Requirements of Android Facetime App

Space of 1.3Mb is must to download this apk of facetime.
Applicable to android version of 3.2.2 or more android version.

Facetime Apk

Download the facetime android apk from here.
Once the download is finished, install the app facetime for android phones and once the installation is finished open the app and start using it.You can add unlimited friends in this and start your free video calling. Its unlimited usage. 
For the Apple users it becomes easy as they can directly use their apple id to logon to facetime, but for the android users facetime apk is must. 
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How to use Facetime

Once the facetime is installed, open the app and go to the contacts, see for the person whom you want to facetime, but the other person should also have the facetime on their device. Now check for the person and under the person's name you can see the Facetime option. If you want to make a audio call then click on the call button, to choose a video call click on the video button. Thats it use facetime for free video and audio calling.   

Facetime app download guide is completely listed in this article. You can follow all these steps and get facetime for android tablet for free and also for the smartphones. There are many alternatives for the facetime for android but none of it cannot beat this app. As this is very popular and also installing this app will not create any damages to your mobile handsets.

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