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Gmail.Com  sign in is a email service which is provided by Google. So Gmail is also know as Google Mail. It is an advertising supported email service which can be used by users for free. was initially started on April 1st, 2004 as invitation and later it was available to general public. With every single Gmail account, we get 15 GB free storage space where a user can store data like photos, emails, attachment files, folders and etc. Some of its competitors mail services are Hotmail and Yahoo mail. With the help of Gmail, a user can sendEmails to other person, including some attachments like pictures, Pdf files, hyperlinks, text files, include files using Google drive which is limited to 25 MB. Google Drive is another product of Google where a registered user can store data online which can be accessed from anywhere. In May 2014, Application was the first app on Google play store to hit one billion installations on android mobiles. As per June 2012, Gmail is most widely used email service with over 425 million active user from all over the world. According to 2014, Gmail is used by 60% of middle market companies login

Features of |

  • Storage : Storage is the best feature in Gmail mail service. Initially the storage space was limited to 1 GB, but later due to user requirements, Google announced to increase the storage space to 15 GB. If the users need extra space, then they can buy paid plans which are available with storage space of 30 TB for personal use.
  • Spam Filter : Google has an advance feature called as Spam filter which will keep away spam from gmail account. Spam emails are nothing but junk mails which has scrap information. If a user marks an email as span, then this span filter will save the data of the send and blocks his emails.
  • Gmail mobile version : Mobile version of Gmail is supported in 40 languages. With this mobile version, emails are easily synchronized. Once you get a mail it gives you a notification message. You will be on alert at each and every time.
  • Group Chat : By this group chat, you can add any number of people to chat list where you can communicate with each other. Here are the hangouts you can simply add the unlimited people and continue the chatting.
  • Gmail Labs : This feature helps users to test new features of Gmail like bookmarking the important email which are store in starred, customized keyboard shortcuts. Anyways, this feature is optional which can be enabled or disabled by user according to their requirement.
  • Custom Themes : Now you can apply some cool customized themes to your Gmail account which will make your Gmail account look more attractive. At present, there are many types of themes like HD, classic, simple, abstract etc. You can easily apply them without any problem.
  • Google Hangouts : Its one of the extraordinary feature to Gmail. With this Google hangouts, a person can video chat with other person who is far away from you. It will be very useful to conduct webinars to a small group of people, you can also share these videos.
  • Tabbed Inbox : It helps the user to categorize the inbox mails into primary, social and promotional. This will help the user to identify the correct email according to their category.
  • Gmail search : With this search option, if you are not able to find a particular email or sender, they you can just enter some details like name, email, content in email etc where this feature will search and show you the results quickly without consuming much time.
  • Money transfer option : Recently, Google has added this money transfer option to Gmail which is know as Google Wallet. A user can transfer money as email attachments using Google wallet.
  • Google Voice in Gmail chat : This feature allows people to make free calls from their Gmail accounts. But this feature is allowed only in some countries like U.S., Canada and few others countries. Sign Up | Register~ Create Gmail Account

  • You have to be a registered user in order to use all the above features of Google mail for free.
  • Firstly, Go to the the official website or
  • The screen appears same as shown in the below image.

  • At the bottom, you will find Create an account, Click on that link. Once you select that the next process will continue.
  • Next, the screen appear as show below.
  • Fill all the details like First name, last name, desired username, password, birthday, gender, phone number and location. Enter the exact details of your which will help you when you want to recover the same account.
  • Then, once read their terms of service & privacy policy details and click on "I agree to the Google terms of Service and Privacy Policy".
  • Then click next step, you will redirect to a page you have to complete your profile like uploading you profile picture, updating personal information (optional).
  • Done!! You have created your Gmail account.
  • In order to verify your profile, will send verification email to your email address. Just click on verification link or verify button.
  • Now you can send and receive email through your account.

How to Sign into Gmail  | Log in to

  • To log in to your Gmail account, you need to be a registered user.
  • We have shown how to sign up gmail account in the above.
  • Once you have registered, go to the official website
  • The official website appears like in the below image.

  • Now enter your Gmail email address and password in the required boxes.
  • Then click on "Sign in" button.
  • Now, it verifies your details.If the details are matching, then it will automatically login to your account.
  • Enjoy the feature of
This was all about gmail login and features of gmail by google. You can now visit gmail by gmail account login or in. This is the best way to create a gmail account now. If you have any problem feel free to ask in comment box about sign in or gmail login page. Hope this tutorial of has helped you to create a new account on the gmail.

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